The Importance of Having a Body Care Routine

The Importance of Having a Body Care Routine



1. Skin is the largest body organ.

15% of our body weight is composed of skin. It is our main line of defense against the outside world. Skin is the natural barrier that protects us from millions of germs in our surroundings. Without it, infections would spread quickly throughout our bodies. According to well-established studies, it is the largest organ in our body. Hence, it deserves all the care and loves it needs. If not, our barriers may be compromised.

2. Body skin is also prone to the same problems as the skin on the face.

When we buy skincare items, we frequently do so to avoid issues with our faces like acne, wrinkles, dryness, dullness, and hyperpigmentation. Sadly, people often forget to take care of their bodies.

The truth is that our body skin is just as vulnerable to these issues. In fact, there are also various body care products available that specifically target particular body issue areas.

3. Be intentional.

Did you know that showering in hot water and taking long baths can cause your skin to become drier? It happens because this removes oils from your skin. Instead, your water should be just a few degrees higher than your body temperature (between 98-100 degrees F) and a bath should last no longer than 30 minutes. Hot water and long baths can cause dry skin, leading to irritation and promoting bacteria growth.

You should also avoid strong soaps and detergents that can strip oil from your skin. Make sure to take care when shaving by applying shaving cream or gel. This will help protect and lubricate your skin.

Exfoliating your body regularly helps stimulate collagen production and improves your skin’s texture. Removing this dead layer of skin will help unclog pores and allow better absorption of your products, such as moisturizers. Did you know exfoliating boosts lymphatic drainage thereby detoxifying the skin, and revealing healthy, radiant skin? Plus, don't neglect your hands and feet! Our Candy Scrubs and our Body Polish are the perfect exfoliants that include a moisturizer, all-in-one!

Lastly, make sure to always moisturize! This small task seems to be such a big hurdle for everyone, including myself (it’s me, Elissa). We all know what happens when we neglect that step but it doesn’t encourage us to be proactive about it. When we don’t moisturize, the skin becomes too dry and that’s when problems can occur. Cracked dry skin is an easy way to get an infection because we compromise the skin’s barrier. I like to use a rich moisturizer that’s not water-based like lotion, especially on my hands because it will just wash off when I wash my hands. That’s why we created our scrubs and body polish. Our formulation locks in moisture by creating a barrier on your skin to keep it protected. On those days you don’t exfoliate, you can still lock in moisture by applying our Nourishing Body Oil (in Citrus or Vanilla). It’s lightweight, dries super fast, and leaves your skin glowing!



A healthy lifestyle includes taking good care of the body and the skin. You are more likely to make healthier decisions if you put effort into your skincare routine. After all, taking care of your body involves more than just applying a load of products - exercise and a balanced diet are also part of it. A healthy lifestyle also prevents undesired skin issues from developing on our faces and body.

As a result, you'll feel fantastic on the inside and out. Make you happier and, most importantly, a terrific confidence builder.

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