Here are the Best Ways to Use Your Bath Bombs

Here are the Best Ways to Use Your Bath Bombs

1- Water, then fizz!

To get started, drop a Bath Fizzie into a full tub and wait for it to soak, fizz and dissolve properly. One is enough for a subtle scent and moisturizing but feel free to add more. Or, create your own bath cocktail by mixing scents! Wait for your fizzie/s to unleash its lovely ingredients and mouth-watering combination scent of a yummy fruit salad that will remind you of the tropics! Imagine ripe mangoes, juicy lemons, and fresh raspberries in spring and summer time. Truly an instant sweet escape!


2- Warmer please

While there’s no set temperature for dissolving the fizzies, it’s good to take time to soak things in. Our Mini Bath Fizzies are made with exotic blend of butters and oils so dropping them into a warm water helps the ingredients to melt beautifully and give off that fragrant fizz. A warm bath may of course vary from person to person. Some may want to start off from a steamy soak and some, just lukewarm. So it’s also a matter of personal preference on what is comfortable for you!


3- Customize your Bath - Add Oils if you please!

Your bath, your rules! So feel free to customize it as you please. The Bath Fizzies are intentionally sized in minis (1oz each) for you to add in as little or as many as you like for your bath. You may even wish to add in more oils or bubbles to mix with your bath for a more relaxing and magical experience.


4- A Purposeful Soak

Before hopping on your relaxing bath, remember to always consider what your main purpose is for your bath soak. Are you going to sink into the tub to help you drift to sleep? A quick wash to boost energy for the day? Or do you wish to unwind and surround yourself with some wine or champagne to recharge on your weekend? Whichever it is that you wish, the Mini Bath Fizzies got you covered!

5- Set the Mood & Climb In

More than just the things you buy, creating your most relaxing bath comes down to the intention you put into the entire experience. Before you begin, lay out your steps and any items you might need so you’re not rummaging around your cabinet, breaking the mood. Have your fresh clean towel and PJ’s or favorite robe ready. Create a beginning and an end to your routine, whether that’s with lighting and blowing out your candles, playing some soft music, or burning your favorite incense. When you're mindful of the steps you’re taking, you can elevate your everyday actions to create a spa-like environment without ever leaving home.

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