Signature Sugar Cube Candy Scrub

How do you use a candy scrub?

It's much easier than it looks. Just crush a cube into your hands. Your hands can be wet or you can crush into dry hands and then add a few drops of warm water.  The warm water will help the scrub start to dissolve so that it can be spread out easily into your palms. Then gently massage as needed and rinse away with warm water.  Here's a video tutorial on this page!  

p.s. During the colder season, the candy scrub may be harder to crush. During the warmer season, it is much softer. Think of it as chocolate and you'll understand!

They look like candy.  Are they edible?

GOOD QUESTION!  Although each ingredient is technically edible (except for the fragrance, which is about 1-2%), our candy scrubs are not meant to be eaten.  It is mostly salt, and while it won't harm you in the long-term, you may end up with an upset stomach. But, please do keep away from kids as it would be a high concentration of salt for their little bodies. If you accidentally ingest them, drink lots of water to flush out and dilute the salt concentration.  If you do have more serious or persistent symptoms, please see your doctor.  You may also contact us for more detailed information about our ingredients.

How often can I use it?

It is safe to use daily, but at the least, it is recommended to use 2-3 times a week.

Can this product also be used on other than the hands?

Yes, it is sized perfect for hands but can be used on any areas of the body (you might just need more than 1). In particular, try using it as a foot scrub before bed. It helps maintain moisture throughout the night, aiding in foot care.

Body Scrub Body Polish

Is Polish suitable for all skin types?

Yes, our Body Polish is designed to be gentle enough for all skin types. The natural exfoliating ingredients provide a soft, invigorating cleanse without harsh chemicals, making it suitable for sensitive skin as well.

Can I use Body Polish on my face?

While our Body Polish is formulated for body use, due to its gentle ingredients, some customers may find it suitable for their face. However, as facial skin is more sensitive, we recommend patch testing before full facial application.

How often should I use Body Polish?

For best results, we recommend using our Body Polish 2-3 times a week. This frequency allows for effective exfoliation and skin rejuvenation without over-exfoliating.

How long does a pouch of Body Polish last?

The longevity of a jar depends on how frequently it's used and the amount applied each time. Typically, a pouch can last anywhere from 1 to 2 months with regular use, making it a lasting addition to your skincare routine.

Nourishing Body Oil

Is this body oil suitable for all skin types?

Yes, our body oil is formulated to be gentle yet effective for all skin types, including sensitive, dry, oily, and combination skin. The natural ingredients balance moisture without causing irritation or clogging pores.

Can kids use this body oil?

Yes, kids can use this body oil, as it is formulated with natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin. However, it's always best to perform a patch test first or consult with a pediatrician to ensure it's suitable for your child's skin type, especially if they have sensitive skin or any specific skin conditions.

Can I use this body oil on my face?

While our body oil is primarily designed for use on the body, its natural and non-comedogenic ingredients make it safe for facial use for some people. However, we recommend performing a patch test or consulting with a dermatologist if you have sensitive or acne-prone facial skin.

Will this body oil help improve the appearance of my tattoos?

Absolutely! Our body oil is enriched with antioxidants and omega-rich oils like hempseed oil, olive-derived squalane, and rosehip oil, which can enhance the brightness and clarity of tattoos. Regular application on healed tattoos can keep the skin moisturized, making your tattoos appear more vibrant and preventing fading over time. Always ensure your tattoo has fully healed before applying any product.

Mini Bath Fizzies

Are body fizzies suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, our body fizzies are formulated with gentle, skin-friendly ingredients. However, if you have highly sensitive skin, we recommend checking the ingredients list and conducting a patch test before use to ensure compatibility.

How many fizzies should I use per bath?

It depends on your preference. Start with one or two fizzies for a subtle effect and increase the number for a more intense, luxurious soak. Experiment to find your perfect balance of fragrance and hydration.

Can I use body fizzies in a shower instead of a bath?

While designed for bath use, bath fizzies can also be used in shower as a shower bomb. Place one on the shower floor where water can lightly splash but not fully dissolve them quickly, releasing their soothing aromas for a spa-like shower experience.

Can you give Tips for an Enhanced Bath Experience?
  1. Create the Ambiance: Light some candles or play soft music to transform your bathroom into a personal spa.
  2. Temperature Matters: Ensure the water is comfortably warm but not too hot, as excessively hot water can dry out your skin.
  3. Combine Scents: If you have multiple scents of Mini Bath Fizzies, feel free to mix and match to create a unique aromatic experience.
  4. Hydrate Inside Out: Drink a glass of water or herbal tea while you soak to stay hydrated and enhance the detoxifying effects.
  5. Extend the Relaxation: After your bath, wrap yourself in a soft robe or towel and take a moment to relax further, maximizing the calming effects.

Reusable Blooming Travel Towel

Is this safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, it is safe for all skin.

Can I use this for my baby?

Yes, it is safe to use it on your baby.

How long does one towel last?

While it's durable, the life of the towel will depend on what you use it for. For example, if you are using it to wipe down your sweat to keep cool on a hot day outdoors, you can hand wash gently at reuse several times. If you're using it while eating buffalo wings, you will probably want to throw it out after use.

Can I reuse this?

Yes, you may gently hand wash it with soap and water and reuse.

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