What It’s Like to Be at a Beauty Industry Trade Show - A Report from the Inside (June 22, 2018)

What It’s Like to Be at a Beauty Industry Trade Show - A Report from the Inside (June 22, 2018)

Going to a wellness/spa/beauty industry trade show sounds amazing - so much cutting edge technology! So many samples! A ton of amazing vendors! The truth? Well, we’re not gonna lie. It’s as fun as it sounds. Not only do we get to meet our wholesale customers face-to-face, we get to network with other people in the industry and be the first to see the coolest new products in skincare, cosmetics, packaging, and more.

We do a lot of trade shows, so we thought it would be cool to share what it’s to be “behind the booth,” so to speak.

What’s a trade show, anyway? Trade shows are where brands/vendors like Bonblissity can meet wholesalers who may potentially want to carry their products - in our case, spa owners, retail stores, hotels, beauty supply stores, and more. So it’s a sales conference? Well, kind of. We’re there to meet people and to show off our amazing body care products to wholesalers and distributors who are looking for new trends and products. This is the best part - we literally set up a sink at our booth so our team can demonstrate how to use our hero product, our Sweet+Single Candy Scrubs. It’s a lot of fun seeing their reactions during their experience!

Where are these trade shows? How often do we go? They’re all over the place, which is cool because it gives us the chance to travel to Las Vegas, New York, and all over California. Expanding into other states are in the works!

Here are some shows we exhibit at:

IECSC is the International Esthetics, Cosmetics, and Spa Conference. They have many conferences each year all over the USA. We launched Bonblissity at IECSC Las Vegas in 2012 and recently added IECSC New York last year. These conferences has amazing vendors, continuing education classes, workshops, and seminars planned, so many spa professionals will be attending.

ISSE Long Beach: ISSE is the International Salon and Spa Expo, and it takes place right in our neck of the woods in Long Beach, California. Over 40,000 attendees come each year!

ICES Long Beach: ICES is the International Congress of Aesthetics and Spa. Most of the attendees at this conference are estheticians. This conference takes place in September in Long Beach, California and we can’t wait to be there.

So, who are your retail partners? Can I find you at my local spa? We have a ton of retail partners all over the US, from Hawaii to Alaska and beyond! If you want to find one closest to you, you can search by zip code here.

Hmm… I work for a spa/hotel/esthetician/salon/beauty bar/health food store, and Bonblissity’s products are right up our alley. How can we carry your products in our location? Well, if you’re coming to IECSC, stop by our booth to say hello! If you want to apply to carry our awesome stuff in your location, you can do that here. Well, if you’re coming to IECSC this summer, stop by our booth to say hello! If you want to apply to carry our awesome stuff in your location, you can submit your info here.

Do you guys private label your products? I’m obsessed with them but my hotel/spa wants our own name on them. Why, yes we do! Contact us here to chat more about that.

I’m not in the spa/hotel/wellness/beauty industry. Can I still attend? These trade shows are usually only open to people in the industry - but you can visit us in person at one of the many fairs we’ll be exhibiting at this summer! Find our schedule here.

These conferences sound really fun, but is there a downside? We do get really tired but it's so worth it! We can always relax at the end of a long day with our fave bath bombs!


Published June 22, 2018

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