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Mini-Me Travel Trio - Energize Bundle

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This trio gives comes with our fresh and bright scent options. Each Mini-Me pack contains 12 candy scrubs.

1 – Mini-Me Pack: Sweet & Single Candy Scrub: Fresh Lemongrass
A smell so fresh and bright, it's like clean linens drying on a spring day. Green verbena and a dash of vanilla make for a purely energizing and uplifting aroma.

1 – Mini-Me Pack: Sweet & Single Candy Scrub: Mango Sorbet
This mouth-watering combination is like a fruit salad for your senses. Ripe mango, juicy lemons, and fresh raspberries evoke the fun and liveliness of the tropics.

1 – Mini-Me Pack: Sweet & Single Candy Scrub: Sweet Satsuma
We wanted to capture the fresh, citrusy scent that lingers on your fingertips long after you peel an orange. Sweet Satsuma—a Japanese mandarin—bursts with juicy, energizing zest.