Intentional Ingredients - The Secrets Behind Our Soothing Scrubs and Soaps (March 11, 2020)

Intentional Ingredients - The Secrets Behind Our Soothing Scrubs and Soaps (March 11, 2020)

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We Want to Share the Secrets of Our Soothing Soaps and Scrubs

Our pampering products transform your dry, scratchy skin into a silky, soft experience. Ever wonder how Bonblissity makes your most soothing dreams come true? We’ll let you in on some of our secrets – we use only premium natural ingredients to craft our scrubs and soaps. Your skin is precious, and we’re very particular about what gets close and intimate with it. We blend only the highest quality spa ingredients, such as cocoa butter, shea butter, fine grain salt, and pure cane sugar, into our revitalizing products. We don’t believe in waste. Every element of our bath and body creations is there because it adds value, helping to repair and replenish your skin. Look at the unique benefits blended into Bonblissity’s skin nourishing treats:

Cocoa Butter

This edible fat comes from cocoa beans, which is the origin of both cocoa powder and cocoa butter. While we love how the powder can be turned into creamy chocolate, it’s the buttery, moisturizing part of the cocoa bean that we maximize for our Candy Scrubs and Shower Sprinkles. Rich in fatty acids, phytochemicals (natural plant compounds), and antioxidant properties, cocoa butter hydrates the skin and coats it with a protective moisture-locking seal. Cocoa butter prevents your skin from drying out, enhancing its elasticity and giving you a healthy glow. The powerful antioxidant properties also reduce the effects of aging (suppler skin = less wrinkles!) and act as a strong barrier against internal, external, and environmental forces that can damage or irritate your delicate skin.

Shea Butter

Shea butter comes from the shea tree, found in East and West tropical Africa. Similar to cocoa butter, shea butter is packed with fatty acids, nutrients, and antioxidants that are absorbed deeply into your skin – without clogging up your pores. It’s a soothing emollient that can soften and smooth dry, scaly skin, as well as boost skin tone to restore your natural beauty. Shea butter is recognized widely for its long-lasting effects as a rejuvenating balm. It’s how our Vegan Soaps not only cleanse your skin, but also help to increase circulation, repair damaged skin cells, and reduce skin inflammation. The antioxidant compounds, including linolenic and linoleic acid work to fight oxidative stress, thereby boosting the anti-aging properties.

Fine Grain Salt & Pure Cane Sugar

To explain, we don’t simply load our products with the kitchen staples of table salt and white sugar. Our Candy Scrubs and Shower Sprinkles feature tinier granules of salt that are able to exfoliate well without causing micro-tears in your skin. Sugar is usually much gentler than salt, so we blend the fine grain salt with pure cane sugar to diminish the abrasiveness of our luxurious scrubs. You can also manipulate the scrubbing power of our products by changing the amount of water you use: less water = scrubbier. When you exfoliate regularly, you are removing dull and dead skin cells from the top layer of skin, giving your skin a chance to breathe better and triggering it to regenerate for a more youthful appearance. Exfoliation with our scrubs can also reduce the incidence of ingrown hairs when done a few days after shaving or waxing. And if that’s not enough, salt also contains minerals that can stimulate circulation, decrease swelling, and detoxify your skin – giving health benefits beyond its peeling properties.
When it comes to explaining why Bonblissity gives you the ultimate way to pamper and revitalize your beauty, we don’t believe in secrets! We want you to understand all the benefits of our delectable skin care products.
Published May 11, 2020

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I don’t usually appreciate it enjoy bathing accessories; but, I absolutely love these. Gave me a sense of well-being and self-care while dealing with my mothers open heart surgery. Thankful for the gift of these products from my sister in law.

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