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ÉDGEU16 Chiffon Glow | Gel Nail Sticker

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These stunning nail strips offer a captivating blend of solid gold glitter and delicate pink solids, creating a dazzling and glamorous look.

Embrace the sparkle and sophistication they bring to your fingertips, and shine with confidence wherever you go.

    • 100% Salon Quality Gel Nail Polish (non-toxic)
    • 90% Semi Baked, Easy to apply & remove.
    • No special top gel or LED lamp required, but optional for longer lasting nails.
    • We highly recommend a remover serum for an easy, damage-free peel off
    • Made in Korea
    • PETA Approved: Animal Test-Free & Vegan
    What's included
    • 1 Sheet with 16 Gel Nail Strips
    • 1 nail file
    • 1 prep pad
    • 1 wooden stick
    How to use

    1. Clean
    Clean your nails with the provided alcohol pad.
    2. Apply
    Choose the sticker size that matches your nail and apply it slowly.
    3. File
    Fold the sticker at the edge of your nail and slowly file off the excess. File underneath you nail to avoid chipping.
    4. Press
    The stickers are 90% cured, so they’re still soft.  Nails will harden on their own. Use wooden stick to prep and attached ends of the sticker firmly. 

    • Do not store in hot or cold places or in direct sunlight.
    • Wearing time may vary depending on the user's environment.
    • Once opened, the product is good for 3 months. Recommended time to use is within 1 month as customer condition storage varies and the product may deteriorate due to air contact and temperature changes.
    • Discontinue use if any irrigation to your nails and/or surrounding skin. 
    • Exchanges and returns are not allowed after use.
      ÉDGEU16 Chiffon Glow | Gel Nail Sticker
      ÉDGEU16 Chiffon Glow | Gel Nail Sticker
      ÉDGEU16 Chiffon Glow | Gel Nail Sticker

      Why ÉDGEU?

      • 1. No UV Lamp Needed

      • 2. Convenient and travel-friendly

      • 3. Damage-free removal

      • 4. Perfect for special occasions


      How long does this last?

      Lasts about 5-7 days. Applying the Top Gel and curing with lamp will make it look nicer and last up to 2 weeks.

      Can pregnant women/children use it?

      EdgeU gel nail strips is a product that has been tested for stability and does not contain harmful ingredients and is safe for use.

      [Pregnant woman, Children]

      It is recommend for individuals with known allergies or sensitivity to gel to test the gel nails strips before complete use.

      Swallowing Hazard: Keep out of reach of small children as they can swallow the gel nail strips. Children should use under adult supervision.

      1. Passed common safety standards for children's products (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced).

      2. Non-detection of hazardous substances component test result (KTC Korea Institute of Machinery, Electrical and Electronic Testing).

      3. ISO22716 quality certification

      How do I store the remaining gel nail strips?

      1. Put the remaining products in the foil strip case and store them in a shaded place away from direct sunlight.

      Edgeu gel nail strips may harden when exposed to sunlight (ultraviolet rays, UV), so be careful not to expose it to light.

      2. Store the gel nail strips at room temperature, if stored in cooler temperature the gel nail strips may temporarily harden. If gel nail strips have temporarily hardened, store them in room temperature to soften the gel for continued use.

      TIP 1: Keep at room temperature for perfect use.

      TIP 2: Leftover gel nail strips can be used to mix and match with other designs or nail strip maintenance.

      How do I find the right size for my nails?

      Edgeu gel nails contain 16 pcs in each box with 8 different nails sizes.

      If you do not have the right size, gently stretch the gel nail strips to fit the size of your nail for a more perfect attachment.

      TIP: When stretching the gel nail strips, remove any oil and moisture from your hands and nails so the will adhere correctly.