Valentine's Day Gift Guide (February 1, 2020)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Let’s face it, the struggle is so real to find the time to shop. So we put together this short and sweet intentional gift guide for each special loved one in your life. They’re going to love it and maybe treat yourself too while you’re at it!
For your Sweet Significant Other…
Grab a gift as sweet as your Sweetie! Our new Vanilla Brown Sugar Shower Sprinkles will have them feel all the cozy dessert vibes while they wash up.
For your Yoga Obsessed Bestie…
Give them the gift of rest and relaxation with a box of Lavender Luxury Candy Scrub. Lavender Luxury has classic lavender mixed with hints of musk and amber for a soothing scent that's not at all harsh or medicinal, but rather soft and calm-inducing.
For your Tot’s Teacher…
Your tot’s teacher will greatly appreciate a bar of vegan soap in Fresh Sugar Cane. Bright and fresh essence of bamboo and lemongrass with a hint of warm musk and vanilla will give them a nice treat after a long day of teaching.
For your Kitchen Saavy Mama…
Nothing screams clean, cozy kitchen more than the smell of citrus! Gift your Mama with a Sweet Satsuma Shower Sprinkles to give her hands some well deserved spa treatment. It’s the perfect addition to her kitchen!
For Your Travel Junkie Buddy...
The ocean is usually everyone’s go-to for a vacation. Give your travel obsessed buddy a lovely reminder of their favorite beach with our Ocean Mist Candy Scrubs.
Happy Shopping!
Published Feb 1, 2020

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