Never Tried a Bath Bomb? Here’s Five Reasons Why You’re Missing Out (June 9, 2018)

Bath bombs have become super popular, and for good reason! They’re pretty, fun to use, inexpensive, and super relaxing. Our bath bombs are made with all-natural, skin-softening nutrients and essential oils - perfect for a little moment of luxury in your busy life. Of course you shower regularly - but how often do you take time for yourself to reap the many health benefits from a long, warm bath? We’re bath enthusiasts, and we’re here to tell you five reasons why you’re missing out if you’re never tried a bath bomb.

  • Bath Bombs help with muscle soreness. If you exercise regularly or are on your feet all day for work, chances are you suffer from muscle soreness. Warm baths help relieve pain and tension in sore, tight muscles, allowing you to recover faster. Our Vanilla Brown Sugar bath bomb is perfect to throw in the tub during your post-workout soak - it has all the aroma of fresh baked sugar cookies with none of the calories!
  • Bath Bombs can help fight the common cold. Inhaling steam has been proven to clear out nasal passages and help fight inflammation, reducing the crummy feeling you get when a cold is coming on. Vitamin C and citrus oils can help you feel a little more alive after you’ve been sneezing on the sofa all day. Draw a warm bath, drop in our Sweet Satsuma bath bomb, and inhale the warm, citrusy steam.
  • Warm baths can help you sleep better. We all know the benefits of a good night’s sleep - but with a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to unwind at the end of the day. A warm bath can help you rest your brain and prepare your body to release that sweet, sweet melatonin that carries you off to dreamland. Our advice? Put the tablet or phone away. Make a nice, warm bath, light a candle, and throw in our Lavender Luxury bath bomb. Once you’re sufficiently chilled out, you’ll be ready for bed.
  • Ingredients in bath bombs can help your skin. We use all-natural, skin nourishing ingredients and essential oils in our bath bombs. The result? Softer, more radiant skin that feels smooth and silky once you step out of the tub. Want to keep it that way? Lightly pat your skin with a towel, and liberally apply moisturizer all over your body. Follow up with our Candy Scrubs and Body Truffles to keep the dry skin at bay!
  • It’s an essential part of self care. Warm baths can definitely help you physically - but they can also be an essential part of self care. Taking 30-45 minutes out of your evening to relax take care of yourself can do wonders for a stressed out psyche. It allows you to focus on taking care of your mental health, giving yourself time to reflect and unwind. We recommend using our Mango Sorbet bath bomb - it’ll make you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation.

Published July 9, 2018

  • Giovanna Martinez

    When will you be bringing back the bath bombs, or will you be bringing back the bath bombs?

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