What is the Difference Between a Truffle, a Scrub, and a Bath Bomb (March 16, 2018)

Body Truffles, Candy Scrubs, Bath Bombs - looking at all the luxe bath products out there can make your head spin. So many fun things to add to your beauty routine, so little time! Today, we’re telling you about the difference between three of our most-loved products: truffles, scrubs, and bath bombs.

Candy Scrub: The Bonblissity OG! Our signature product, invented after our founder was struggling with dry and dull hands after having to wash her hands dozens of times a day as a healthcare professional. A Sweet+Single Candy Scrub is a solid scrub comprised of a silky blend of natural butters and oils in a salty, sugary scrub. Unlike the water-soluble lotion, which comes right off with each hand wash, our Candy Scrubs are oil-based so it stays with you for a few hand washes as it protects your skin by leaving a protective barrier to help lock in moisture. These single-use, candy-wrapped solid scrubs are super handy in a pinch — there's no mess, no jars, and nothing else quite like them.

Great for:

  • Travel. Bring it with you on road trips, vacations, and work trips. It’s the perfect thing to use in rest stop bathrooms, airports, hotels - anywhere where the usual soap is the worst and you want to have a moment of pampering.
  • In the office. If you work at a medical office, in food service, or anywhere where people need to wash their hands countless times a day, you will be the office hero if you bring in a box of Candy Scrubs for the employee bathroom.
  • At home. Work it into your daily self care routine - use a candy scrub after a bath, before bed, or whenever you need a little pampering. They are amazing on the feet too!

Body Truffle: A solid scrub to be used for the body. No mess, pure joy. Our petite, individually-wrapped body scrubs make it easy to enjoy a spa-worthy experience whenever the craving strikes. Made up of the same formulation as the candy scrubs, just bigger for the body (so you don't have to unwrap a bunch of Candy Scrubs). Body Truffles can be used multiple times for small areas, or use the whole thing for a full body experience.

Great for:

  • The gym. Drop one in your gym bag and give yourself a little treat after a long workout - you’ve earned it! The best part: they’re petite and mess-free, perfect for on-the-go.
  • Gifting. You’ll be the most popular person at the party if you include our Body Truffles in your gift! Perfect for pre-wedding pampering for a bride, post-baby self care for a new mom, or just a treat for the birthday girl or guy.
  • Guest bathrooms. Stock your guest bathroom with these. Say goodbye to ugly plastic bottles of body wash, or half-used bars of soap sitting around from grandma’s last visit. Warning: your houseguests may never leave!

Bath Bomb: A bath bomb is meant to be used to soak in the bath - it’s an explosion of nourishing moisture. Bath bombs release natural oils and fragrances to transform your warm bath into a soothing retreat that leaves skin silky soft. It's good to take time to soak things in. We incorporate the same exotic blend of butters and oils as our Sweet + Single Candy Scrubs to give your body the moisturizing it needs. Drop them into a warm bath to release a fragrant fizz of moisturizing extracts that helps soothe both mind and body. Skin absorbs nourishment while you relax and let the day's stresses float away.

Great for:

  • When you’re feeling under the weather. Our Sweet Satsuma bath bomb has a zesty citrus fragrance - it’s perfect for those days when you need to be energized.
  • When you need to get away. Work is nuts, the kids are arguing, the dog is barking, there are dishes in the sink - bath bomb, take me away! We recommend locking yourself in the bathroom, putting on some headphones, and unwinding with our Lavender Luxury bath bomb.
  • For bathtime fun with the kids. Our bath bombs are all natural, so they’re perfect for little ones and their sensitive skin. They make a great bath time treat!


Published March 16, 2018

  • Bonblissity

    Hi Sally! The Body Truffles were replaced with the Shower Sprinkles. Same formulation but in a crushed form in a small tub for easier use. Hope you’ll give them a try.

  • sally catanese

    Im looking for the Body Truffles? Do you still sell them??

  • Colleen

    Imet you both at the hatvest festival in Delmar Ca.Tried the product, and loved it.Im going to try to do some shopping for Christmas gifts.Ty

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