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Holiday Event Calendar (October 5, 2020)

Holiday Event Calendar (October 5, 2020)

2020 has been a year like no other. It has tested the best of us in every way possible. One of our great pleasure in life is to spend time with our family and friends, whether it's just hanging out, eating out, or shopping together. Wait. Did someone say shopping???

I've never been a huge shopaholic (well, maybe a little) but one thing I have grown to love is being on the opposite side of shopping...selling.  Not just "selling" but the interaction that happens when we share our products and story with you.  It usually goes like this:

We patiently wait to see if we can get eye contact then take that opportunity to greet you then offer you to sample our product. A lot of the times, the reaction we get is, "Is that candy?", as you hesitantly meander towards us. Then Jay (the demo guy, my hubby) will take your hands as he claims he will make them fresh and new.  You eagerly want to try because just like the rest of us, you suffer from super dry hands.  Or, you just want to try so that you can say it didn't work.  But, amazingly, you are astounded by the instant results and can't believe what just happened! Oh my goodness, you have to go and bring your friends and have them try too!

That has been the story of our lives for the last 9 years. It all came to a screeching halt in early March. It was pretty devastating. But, these life experiences reshape our lives and it has affected me much more than I would have ever imagined.  My life motto has always been "everything happens for a reason" and "something good always comes out of something bad."  This pandemic confirms that for me again. 

This pandemic forced us to stop, re-evaluate, and set new goals. The last 9 years, we've been so busy just getting through each week and each show that we were neglecting other areas of our lives (business and personal). We now have a better vision of our business plan, new product launches, other potential business ideas, and a new appreciation for each other and the ones we love. 

A new challenge for us during this pandemic was figuring out how to reach our customers better without physically doing shows. We finally started sending out newsletters and began being more active on social media. Both were good. Customers wrote to us expressing their concern for our business and wishing us the best. There was more interaction between us and our customers and we love it!

Now, our show partners are offering to help keep spreading our brand across the internet through their platforms. Please join us and check them out! I'm sure you will find some new makers that you would have never discovered! You'll also be helping small businesses get through the rest of the year. We all appreciate you for that!

We are currently scheduled for the following virtual and in-person events (more to come as we get confirmations):


Oct 12 - End of Dec:  SJ Made Maker Mall

Oct 19-25: Tacoma Holiday Festival

Nov 12 - Dec 6:  One of a Kind Show

Nov 14 - Dec 13: Junior League of Tampa Holiday Gift Market



Oct 26 - End of Dec:  a physical SJMADE Storefront located in downtown San José’s San Pedro Square neighborhood. Our product line will be sold there. MOMENT, 60 N. San Pedro Street, San Jose, CA 95110 

Nov 7:  Penelope Lane Boutique (The Grand Event Center, Long Beach, CA)

Dec 4 - 6:  Harvest Market (Pomona)


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